Upcoming Bloggermail Links ft. SHEIN

Hello loves,Thank you all for joining me LIVE today to unbox, I hope you all enjoyed it.As I promised, here are the links to all the pieces I unboxed during our live session. Please don’t forget to use code: 15WAGGREY for 15% off.Blue Strips set search ID :1195165

Green One Shoulder Split Satin Dress search ID :1107631

Tie Front Wrap Tunic Dress search ID :1169351
Toe Post Stiletto Heeled Mules search ID :1134364
Cylinder Satchel Bag search ID :1020447

It's OKAY if you don't have everything figured out!!

Hello Loves, Do y'all sometimes feel like you are behind schedule, like in life ?I don't know about you guys but my mind be racing like we are on track field . Coming from a girl who's always looking stylish and cooking all the time on Instagram, you would assume I have everything figured out . I woke up this morning and all I said was God I'm trusting you to sustain me throughout the year because my own calculation and expenses don't add up LOL. Listen, all that glitters ain’t gold , let’s get that In our head first. No, you don’t have to figure out your life right this second. We put so much stress on ourselves to plan out our entire lives by the time we’re 21 that we end up more clueless than ever. I truly am amazed by those select few who do have that clear plan and manage to make it work. 

For the rest of us, we don’t have to know what 80 is going to be like when we’re 30. What I have realized these past years is that , our interests, friends, relationships ,…

Blocking Negative Energy!!