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All Black Everything ◾️◾️▪️

Happy Sunday Loves. I hope your weekend was amazing like mine. Just wanted to share another fabulous look with you guys today. Every girl/lady needs a tulle skirt. You can always pull a gorgeous look with it for a wedding, church, birthday parties, any event just name it. It's a perfect look for look for any occasion. I Love black , let me just say ALL BLACK. I came across this top after I received the skirt. I was not really sure if it will be exactly what I saw online. I was blown by the quality of this top for the price I got it.  I've noticed I'm always  rocking black. African parent be like" are you going to a funeral?" Our culture has turned Black to a sad color, but I'm not with it. I just love dark colors. Direct link to the sellers are below. Feel free to check it out, recreate the look and don't forget to tag #stylebywillie on IG and Facebook so I can see how you rocked it.. Enjoy your Sunday and stay BLESS Details|| Ruffle Top : Heyoungirl

Fashion Changes but Style Endure

Fashion changes, but style endure for sure. As young girl growing up, I will go through my mother's photo album. Looking through these pictures and all you see are block shoes, high and low. I will always ask like " why y'all dress like that and how on earth did y'all walk in those huge block shoes??" Her response was Herrh that was the style. And those Afros ooh lawdd. The thing is you can never be overdressed over educated . Through education we've acquired new knowledge and ideas about things. What's appropriate and acceptable. You can't dress anyhow, every event, occasion  and even the location requires different look. As time goes, I've realized that my mom old school fashion taste is back again. I'm sure we've all noticed the wide leg pants, chokers and off shoulders and all. I wish she kept those outfit for me. A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.I don't know who invented high heels, women owe him a lot.  Now it see

Walking Alone

Walking alone is not difficult but when we walked a mile with someone then coming back alone is difficult. I've cried, curse myself out, been mad at myself about some of my choices. It was difficult living through some of it but in all, I can proudly say, I've LEARNED!!!  Details||  Floral Polymesh top: BeAvant (Aliexpress) Black fitted skirt : Sears Black fringe heels : Justfab  Clutch : TJMaxx  Earring: H&M Watch: Fossil

I'm African and Proud 📍🇬🇭

In our generation people just wear dashikis and African print because they look cute but don't respect the African culture. When I wear African print, my mood is different and the excited is beyond. When you step out in your fine print and people keep complementing you, how do you feel? The colors alone brightens your day. Those who were not raised on the land have somewhat acquire some knowledge from their elders but still ignore the existence of our beautiful tradition. Sadly sometimes the more educated they become, the more alienated they are from African culture and more of a menace to our group. In an African home,  your friends daughters are also your daughters. Your parents friends are your aunts and uncles although they are no where related to your little family. That should tell you the strong bond and the love we share among each other. Today the respect is diminishing, too many discrimination even among Us. To earn our platform and for our culture to be respected, let&#

The joy of finding what you've been looking for!!!!

"Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers.  And style is what you choose."-Lauren Hutton. It's that time of the year again. BBQ here and there, too hot outside to put on jeans. It's not always about the crop tops and booty shorts plus you don't want to look overdressed or inappropriate. As we age our style change with us. I love wearing shorts during summer but you know I'm what they call "slim thick" lol. So I feel more comfortable covering up a little with oversize tops and shirt dresses. I've been looking for a stylish shirt dress because all the long shirt dresses I had were all polymesh. I wanted something really simple but fashionable. I was passing through the mall, I decided to check H&M and woo-laah, this pretty light blue shirt dress was hanging in there waiting for me I would say. I love everything about it, very soft not heavy. Just perfect for weather! Details|| Shirt dress : H&M Shorts: TJMaxx

Recreate a new Look right from your Closet

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today's post is all about revisiting your closet. I have this habit of wearing my clothes once. Too quick to make another purchase and forget about the old stuff. If you are like me, let's make a pact. From now on we will revisit out closet. Put your old stuff together and create a fabulous look. I created this look with my old wide legs pants and crop top from TJMAXX. I've had these pants for two years now. Unfortunately it's currently unavailable but they have tons of other beautiful things.   Details|| Top and pants from TJMAXX  Beaded necklace and gold choker : Aldo  Hat :H&M Nude Strap heels : JustFab Black strap heels : Zirey  Handbag : Micheal Kors