I'm African and Proud 📍🇬🇭

In our generation people just wear dashikis and African print because they look cute but don't respect the African culture. When I wear African print, my mood is different and the excited is beyond. When you step out in your fine print and people keep complementing you, how do you feel? The colors alone brightens your day. Those who were not raised on the land have somewhat acquire some knowledge from their elders but still ignore the existence of our beautiful tradition. Sadly sometimes the more educated they become, the more alienated they are from African culture and more of a menace to our group. In an African home,  your friends daughters are also your daughters. Your parents friends are your aunts and uncles although they are no where related to your little family. That should tell you the strong bond and the love we share among each other. Today the respect is diminishing, too many discrimination even among Us. To earn our platform and for our culture to be respected, let's start with Us. Right from our various home!!!!! I'm Ghanaian and Proud 🇬🇭
Dress by Creative_Ruth(IG)
Nude strap heel : Justfab 
Earring : H&M
Clutch: TJMaxx 


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