Recreate a new Look right from your Closet

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today's post is all about revisiting your closet. I have this habit of wearing my clothes once. Too quick to make another purchase and forget about the old stuff. If you are like me, let's make a pact. From now on we will revisit out closet. Put your old stuff together and create a fabulous look. I created this look with my old wide legs pants and crop top from TJMAXX. I've had these pants for two years now. Unfortunately it's currently unavailable but they have tons of other beautiful things.  
Top and pants from TJMAXX 
Beaded necklace and gold choker : Aldo 
Hat :H&M
Nude Strap heels : JustFab
Black strap heels : Zirey 
Handbag : Micheal Kors


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