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An African Woman

Happy Saturday Kings and Queens. Another day has been bestowed upon us and we ought to make a good use of this amazing opportunity. I was watching a video on YouTube about women and it got me thinking about a whole lot of stuff. I was asking myself, who do we classify as an African woman? What makes me a woman and and even African woman I must say? What differentiate me from other women? Here are my thoughts 💭  African woman  Drenched in African heat Kneaded by the African sun Culturally raised as a woman  She knows her roots and adores her culture African woman Mother of mankind With the most beautiful skin Glowing under the beautiful sun Her black is beautiful  And it shall forever remain so.  You know sometimes the sun make change shade of your skin but you are who you are. I love everything African especially our beautiful and super colorful Ankara fabrics, kente and many more. Here is a combination with Ankara fabric to style a regular dress. Trust me A

Duku(head Wrap) Sunday

Happy Sunday Kings and Queens. Hope you guys are doing well and adjusting to the weather smoothly. The weather was beautiful today so I decided to rock another off-shoulder for the last time. I didn't feel like leaving my hair out so I switch to head wrap (duku). Wrapped around my head like a Nubian princess that I am. Well before you exit out from my page, here's  the key: if you don’t have peace on the inside, you won’t have peace on the outside. You can never look perfect if you are not at peace with yourself. Enjoy the look Loves. PS if you want to learn how I wrapped my hair today, visit my Facebook page for a video tutorial @stylebywillie.  Love ❤️ Willie Details|| Vertical striped off-shoulder top:Shein Black Striped high waist pants: Forever21 Shoe: Aldoshoes  Earrings: H&M

My Little Retail Discovery

Happy Fri-dayyyyy!!!! The weekend has officially started. I think this week was my longest 🙄. Well that was just by the way. I'm just too excited to share this new look with you guys. I'm sure if you follow me on any of the social media platforms, you've seen pictures of my legs, THICK!!! I've been wanting to get a pair of the thigh high boot so bad. Personally I never wear long boot because they never cut the calves to my leg size. I tried on a few at shoe dept. and still didn't fit my legs, my feet is okay just the actual leg itself. I kept complaining to friends  and finally decidedly to just forget about it as there is no hope. Then Burlington posted their new collection coming to the store for fall on IG. I had to give it my last try. With no hope at all, BOOOMM I found this gorgeous pair. Coffee brown, almost close to black. Your girl was too hype. As I was walking up to the cashier, I saw a sweater dress to match it. I knew that day was made for me to disco