Duku(head Wrap) Sunday

Happy Sunday Kings and Queens. Hope you guys are doing well and adjusting to the weather smoothly. The weather was beautiful today so I decided to rock another off-shoulder for the last time. I didn't feel like leaving my hair out so I switch to head wrap (duku). Wrapped around my head like a Nubian princess that I am. Well before you exit out from my page, here's  the key: if you don’t have peace on the inside, you won’t have peace on the outside. You can never look perfect if you are not at peace with yourself. Enjoy the look Loves. PS if you want to learn how I wrapped my hair today, visit my Facebook page for a video tutorial @stylebywillie. 
Love ❤️ Willie
Vertical striped off-shoulder top:Shein
Black Striped high waist pants: Forever21
Shoe: Aldoshoes 
Earrings: H&M


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