Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas Kings and Queens. We are beyond bless to witness this beautiful day. A child was born and through his amazing love, we that were outside the fence have been called to sit at table with the riches. We are alive today only by his abundant grace. ''Tis the season to give thanks and to spread love. Even if you are not a Christian, whatever you celebrate on this holiday, remember to spread the love. Who you spend your time with today will have a great impact on what kind of life you live after. Spend time with the right people, your family and love ones. Merry Christmas again and enjoy the gorgeous looks below !!👇🏾 
Love, Willie!! 

Ivory One shoulder ruffle hand bodysuit- Gagaopt
Tulle skirt - Clover Happiness
Black shoe -Fiona( Macy's)
Clutch - TJMaxx
Pearl Earring: H&M ( currently on sale for $3



Tulle Skirt


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