Nude on White

Happy Sunday loves, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day/evening depending on your location. Today was my baby boy's christening so I decided to with White. I wanted to wear a blue but I had a little change of mind since I purposely purchased this dress for this occasion. It's the first Sunday of the last month of 2016 . The lord has been good to all of us and I am very grateful personally. This year came with a lot of blessings, even with the many obstacles I still survived. It's just by the grace of God. I want you y'all to just sit down and count your blessings from the beginning of the year till today, and tell me if our God is not faithful. We are undeserving yet he loves us regardless. Enjoy your Sunday lovers and stay warm.
Love, Willie.

Camel Oversize Collar Front Coat - Shein
May Scuba Cutaway Neckline Midi Dress  - Boohoo
Cassedy Natural heel - Aldoshoes
Nude Handbag - BCBG Paris





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