"Poetic Justice" kinda Valentine's Day !!!

Happy Friday Loves. It's been a wonderful week for me and Guess what guys? It's almost Valentine's Day. People usually say " you don't have to pick one day to celebrate your love one, or to make them feel special, everyday should feel special". I mean it kind of make sense but that brought my attention to anniversaries, birthdays, wedding day. Those are all just one day though right? 
I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine about Valentine's Day and how a lot of people who do not have that special someone in their life may feel some type of way and might just turn away from social media to avoid the flaunts and any kind of miss-feelings. I was like wait, people really feel sad on days like that? 
It really got me thinking too deep. It just a day but the idea behind the day and probably that  whole week is what causes the sadness.  You really don't need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can spread love  and celebrate with your kids, parents, friends and even co-workers. Just remember this always, it's great to love and to be loved. For this Valentine's Day you can switch up from the regular red and pink outfit to something casual like me. This look was inspired by the movie "Poetic Justice". I was going for Janet Jackson look but in a modern way Hahahaha. 
Enjoy the look and stay warm guys, don't forget to spread the love . 
Love, Willie❤️

Top and Jeans :(Rainbow)
Shoes: (Aldo)
Coat :(Boohoo)
Earrings: (H&M)


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