Black and White!!

Happy Hump Day Loves. Here again to share a little bit of me and also share my style. Few years back, there were so many WHYs on my lips. I kept questioning myself and God why certain things were happening?? Everything seemed to be going the wrong way. I went to church one day, and this lady gave a testimony. That took me back, I need to be patient and there is a season for everything. Maybe it's not my season yet.It might take a year. It might take longer. But it's worth the wait. Be thankful for your blessings and never doubt your struggles. Don't ask why they happened, just be thankful for the strength they gave you. Today I can proudly say, with everything going on in my life, the wait was definitely worth it. Have an Epic Wednesday and stay bless!!  
                                                          Love, Willie 💓


Off-shoulder top : Rainbowshops
choker : Forever21
Black Ripped Jeans: H&M


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