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Happy Saturday  Ladies and Gents. Hope you guys weekend is going great just like mine. Well I'm still enjoying this spring and everything that comes with it. I'm still on the topic " self-acceptance". How do you see yourself now? Are you the same or you've noticed some changes? I have and I love it every inch of the new me. I have detox all the nonsense and I'm breathing peacefully like a little baby. Still embracing my new age and my body. Before I won't even wear shorts because if my thick thighs. I was very uncomfortable. People will leave comment like  "Body goals" and I will just say LOL. Because it was funny to me that the body I do much hate was someone's goal. I guess sometimes a situation you think of as “bad” is actually putting you on a path to the best thing that could possibly happen to you, trust me on this ONE!!!! Enjoy your day and stay beautiful!!  Love, Willie πŸ’•  Details|| Shop this look( top, distress jeans and fur

Catsuit Season

Happy Friday Fashionistas. This weekend is about to be "LITTT" πŸ”₯. Just wanted to share few words with y'all while you enjoy the look. We all have a unique idea of what a prefect body looks like. I got more thicker as I age, which I never liked. As time goes, I realized that I'm not going to be the small 16year old anymore. I gotta accept whatever comes with every new age. I have come to the acceptance of self love, the thickness and everything above. There's nothing more beautiful than loving your own self, your body to be precise. Like AT&T will say " bigger is better". I'm enjoying this Spring and I hope you are too!! Stay beautiful loversπŸ’πŸΎ Love, Willie πŸ’• Shop this entire look  Rainbowshops

A Bit Of Me!!!

Happy New Week Lovers. I hope you guys are doing great. Back again with another look of my favorite colors. love wearing black and white, to me it represent sunny  and cloudiness. I have my dark days and sunny days, sometimes I feel both in a day. I just wanted to share to my thought with y'all.  As much as I love to share my outfits with world, I find blogging to be therapeutic. I get the chance to voice out about certain things, share my thought and whatever is bothering my mind.  Since 2013, after I was let down by someone I held so high, I basically put this individual above all, I made my mind to do it on my own. Honestly it has not been easy, very tough but my brother played a bigger part of helping me back on my feet. It's really hard for me to ask for help from another person other than God. I hate to be disappointed and I don't wanna force anybody's hand. We all have different issues and demons we have to deal it. Today, my best friend said to me "

Navy Contrast Ruffle Hem Blouse

Happy New Week ladies and Gents. Woke up this morning with so much gratitude. I know someone is somewhere about to make the hardest decision of life. While some of us, can't even decide on what to wear. I guess we are all fortunate in some way. Something to take with you today" Notice and cherish life's surprises. Just because it's not what you were expecting, doesn't mean it's not everything you've been waiting for. " On the fun side of life, I couldn't decide what to wear but since  Navy blue is my new color, I couldn't wait to rock it. This particular top goes with anything, pants, skirt, jeans, I mean just name it. Enjoy the look and stay bless.  Head over to ROMWE  and get yours now!! Love, Willie πŸ’– Shop this top at the link below πŸ‘‡πŸΎ ROMWE