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Tomorrow Will Be Better!!!

Happy New Week Lovers, Summer is finally here and I'm ready for all the wonderful stuff summer brings aside the heat. It gets cold at night here in Ohio for some weird reason. It feels more like fall but I love it. I just wanted to share my thought with you guys, maybe you can relate to my struggle . Beginning of the year I was so hopeful and really excited for what 2017 has  for me.  I  was looking forward to celebrating my achievements and all, I mean I'm still grateful for how far I've come but in all honesty I wish the year was over already. We've made unintentional mistakes, not like you wanted to do anything to hurt anyone but it just happened because you are being sincere and even with all proofs you know deep down within you that there's nothing to it. We can control how people react to things and how they express their feelings as we are all different and that's what make us UNIQUE. I feel like every time I'm reaching towards my goal and someth

Denim and Slogan T-Shirt

Happy Friday guys, we are almost in Summer and already half-way through the year. It's getting hot by the day  but in a beautiful way though. This is how you make a casual look work any ice cream date.   Revamp your casual look for the season, with some denims and T-shirts.  These graphic T's goes with anything, from dress pants to booty shorts hehehe.. A lot of stores are having sales before July 4th, don't miss out on the chance of spending less on that cute outfit you've been waiting for the price to drop. You guys will be seeing a lot of this comfortable and very affordable look this summer. Love, Willie 💕 Details|| Denim Skirt : SHOP Similar T-Shirt : SHEIN Lace-Up Block heel:  Boohoo

Pleated Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Happy  Wednesday Loves!! Here again to share a little bit of me and also share my look. At one point in my life, I put people first, especially friends and totally ignore my happiness. There are two type of people that we all have or had come across in our life, those who hinder your growth and those who help you to grow. To know yourself better and even help you to define your inner being. They understand you more sometimes than yourself. Those who hinder your growth just got to go, in order to progress in your  own special way.  Your true friends are like the palm trees, you may go through it with them, but they will stand by you no matter what. This is your season,  make your happiness and personal growth a priority in your life. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can take care of others. Focusing on your purpose is everything. Don't allow negativity to distract you from where you're headed... Have an Epic Wednesday  and stay bless!! Love, Willie 💕

Thursday Breeze!!!!!!

Happy Thursday Ladies and Gents. Another beautiful day to be thankful for all the favors God granted us throughout the week. Life happens to all of us. Don’t use delays, interruptions or unfair situations as an excuse to get upset, RELEASE CONTROL!!!... I've been under the weather this whole week, been really sick. Each  day instead of improving,  it got worse but today I woke up and I felt better than ever. Enjoy the look and have a blessed day .  Love Willie  💕 Details|| Top: Smocked Off the Shoulder Striped Long Sleeve Top Navy Blue Short: GAP Shoes:  Drop A Pom-Pom Faux Nubuck Heels Clutch:  Black Fringe Clutch

Comfort Zone

Happy Wednesday Ladies and Gents. How was your long weekend? Mine was beyond amazing, I was on bridesmaid  duty in Dallas,Texas. It was my very first visit, I've been postponing my trips there for so long but this time around there was no escape game. I REALLY love it there honestly and I am even thinking about moving there but we shall see how that goes.  This weekend gave me time t reflect about a lot of things in my life. I feel like I've been in this comfort zone for so long and don't even want to see what's out there. You could be experiencing the same thing as well. The question is, am I growing  and getting out of my comfort zone?  I think I am too comfortable at this point, it's risk free, no regret plus my family is around so I can play safe.  I think the time for me to explore new things, new opportunities, living without limits and taking on difficult tasks is finally here and I have to make a move ASAP. I will keep y'all in the loop whichever th