Comfort Zone

Happy Wednesday Ladies and Gents. How was your long weekend? Mine was beyond amazing, I was on bridesmaid  duty in Dallas,Texas. It was my very first visit, I've been postponing my trips there for so long but this time around there was no escape game. I REALLY love it there honestly and I am even thinking about moving there but we shall see how that goes. 
This weekend gave me time t reflect about a lot of things in my life. I feel like I've been in this comfort zone for so long and don't even want to see what's out there. You could be experiencing the same thing as well. The question is, am I growing  and getting out of my comfort zone? 
I think I am too comfortable at this point, it's risk free, no regret plus my family is around so I can play safe.  I think the time for me to explore new things, new opportunities, living without limits and taking on difficult tasks is finally here and I have to make a move ASAP. I will keep y'all in the loop whichever the decision may be. 
Enjoy the look for now and shop from the blue links provided. 
Love, Willie💕
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