Tomorrow Will Be Better!!!

Happy New Week Lovers, Summer is finally here and I'm ready for all the wonderful stuff summer brings aside the heat. It gets cold at night here in Ohio for some weird reason. It feels more like fall but I love it. I just wanted to share my thought with you guys, maybe you can relate to my struggle . Beginning of the year I was so hopeful and really excited for what 2017 has  for me. 
I  was looking forward to celebrating my achievements and all, I mean I'm still grateful for how far I've come but in all honesty I wish the year was over already. We've made unintentional mistakes, not like you wanted to do anything to hurt anyone but it just happened because you are being sincere and even with all proofs you know deep down within you that there's nothing to it. We can control how people react to things and how they express their feelings as we are all different and that's what make us UNIQUE.
I feel like every time I'm reaching towards my goal and something good is about to happen, there show up OBSTACLES. It really drains my whole system and makes me question so many things about life. I sincerely believe that God will not put things my way if he knows I can't handle it. I'm a very emotional person and I tend to cry  a lot, whether happy, sad or angry. The things others will get mad at, I'm just MUTE and emotionless.
When I put my head on my pillow and close my eyes, I just whisper to myself  " TOMORROW will be better". I can't control what happens around me and what may come my way. I'm really tired of everything to be honest but I'm grateful at the same time for the gift of life, so I smile everyday and walk around like I have no issues. Don't forget to say a prayer for me.  
Enjoy the week and follow me on IG @STYLEBYWILLE if you haven't done that yet. 
Love, Willie💕

Romper, Choker and clear block shoe :Rainbowshops
Handbag: BCBG


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