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Black Is My Happy Color 🖤!!

Happy Sunday Lovers, I hope your week was blissful like mine. We are about to enter another week, just enter with a positive mind. Don't assume anything and don't expect anything either, just allow God to do his work again.  When you expect so much from Life, you'll get disappointed but when you expect less you'll receive countless surprises.  I've had my own share of disappointment but God came thruuuuu. Anyway I'm  ending the month with another BLACK because it's my favorite color. I dress with the mood I wake up in. This is just something I put together this morning for church. Little advise to my lovers and readers, it's summer and the weather is pretty great.  Dress how you want , don't follow the norm, you gotta be comfortable in what you wear. We all don't want to twin but to be different isn't about changing yourself, it's about knowing yourself enough to never want to be someone, that's all. Enjoy the week, don't for

Everything That Happens Is Part of God’s Plan!!!

Happy Wednesday lovers, we are once again almost through another week. I ended last week on a beautiful note. You know that one burden you've been carrying for months, and God finally lift it at the very end when you are at the verge of giving up? That's was me but God did it again .! I call him the "Come Thru God" because he always comes through. Like I always say, your requests may be delayed but not denied. You may encounter many disappointments and obstacles but God hears your prayer and will answer in due time. For months now, I've cried and heartbroken ,  hurt just from the response I received from someone who was suppose to hold my hand. But you know what, God had different solution for the situation.   Everything that happens is a part of God’s plan. After my burden had been lifted, somehow I felt this hole in my heart and kind of bitter. I guess I just needed time to just process everything and understand the doing of the lord. I don't know what

Breaking Strongholds

 Happy New Week lovers, we are almost through another month. I hope you guys are doing well. If you read my previous post, I hope you are still living in Faith. I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays for inspirational post, so expect similar post like this on Wednesdays. Now let's have a little chat. Last Sunday I have the honor to visit a BBT Church in New York. I have visited number of times but last Sunday was different.  I believe they are in a fasting season so they meet early in the morning to pray before the actual service. I'm always late to church but this time around your girl was on time. We prayed for like good 20 minutes when I got there. My favorite part of  Sunday service is worship but the Pastor's sermon was what got me here today. He spoke about STRONGHOLDS.  Specifically from "2 Corinthians 10:3-6" now if you have time, read just that and you will understand what I'm talking about. Many us are going through so my trials and phases in our

Inspirational Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday Lovers. I hope you guys are doing well. A big shout out to all the lovely followers I met this past weekend at PENSA. If I didn't get to say hi, accept my apology. There were too many people. I just wanted to share few words with y'all.  In all honesty I wasn't ready for July, too many deadlines to meet, make decisions about certain situations and many other things. I was really worried and I still have no idea which way to turn. I leave everything to God to take over because I can't do it on my own, regardless of the many tactics. Tell you what, Worry is a thief. If you allow it, worry will rob you of your destiny. Do yourself a favor and put God back up on the throne.  I have to let my worries be a reminder to switch over to praise. I believe that God does not make any mistakes. He knows my thought and every plans I've made. If it's his will for me to experience what I'm experiencing, I accept. May his will be done in my life. Before

Two Piece Stripes

Cheers to another beautiful week and a holiday to top it. Many may have returned to work and others are not working today. I hope you used this time off to release your stress, relax your mind and enjoy the beauty life brings .  You're not alone. Everyone has problems. Some people are just better at hiding them than others.If you live your life consumed by the past, you waste the great moments you still have left to live.. Like  the saying goes " When the 'want' gets stronger, the 'how' gets easier".  Like I said earlier you are not alone, we all have issues. No matter how things  turns out, it always ends up just the way it should be. Either you succeed or you learn something. Enjoy the rest of the week!!! Love, Willie 💕 Details|| Shop the two piece set : black and gold sandal: Steve Madden Sunglasses:  Rayban