Black Is My Happy Color 🖤!!

Happy Sunday Lovers, I hope your week was blissful like mine. We are about to enter another week, just enter with a positive mind. Don't assume anything and don't expect anything either, just allow God to do his work again.  When you expect so much from Life, you'll get disappointed but when you expect less you'll receive countless surprises. 
I've had my own share of disappointment but God came thruuuuu. Anyway I'm  ending the month with another BLACK because it's my favorite color. I dress with the mood I wake up in. This is just something I put together this morning for church. Little advise to my lovers and readers, it's summer and the weather is pretty great. 
Dress how you want , don't follow the norm, you gotta be comfortable in what you wear. We all don't want to twin but to be different isn't about changing yourself, it's about knowing yourself enough to never want to be someone, that's all. Enjoy the week, don't forget to check my upcoming Wednesday post "inspirational". 
Love, Willie 💕

Double-breast Blazer: ASOS
Wide-Leg Jumpsuit: Calvin Klein
Leopard shoe: Aldo Shoes
Brown mini bag: Urban Expressions


  1. You look great Willie. I love how you make black look so good. Btw, your blog looks great with the new change. Keep it up!


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