Everything That Happens Is Part of God’s Plan!!!

Happy Wednesday lovers, we are once again almost through another week. I ended last week on a beautiful note. You know that one burden you've been carrying for months, and God finally lift it at the very end when you are at the verge of giving up? That's was me but God did it again .!
I call him the "Come Thru God" because he always comes through. Like I always say, your requests may be delayed but not denied. You may encounter many disappointments and obstacles but God hears your prayer and will answer in due time. For months now, I've cried and heartbroken ,  hurt just from the response I received from someone who was suppose to hold my hand. But you know what, God had different solution for the situation.  
Everything that happens is a part of God’s plan. After my burden had been lifted, somehow I felt this hole in my heart and kind of bitter. I guess I just needed time to just process everything and understand the doing of the lord. I don't know what your situation is and how many people have turned their back on you but don't  get bitter. 
Don’t hold a grudge. Leave it in God’s hands, he has better plans for you just live in faith and trust his word. He is able to do what says he will do. I will give my testimony in few weeks if God permits, for now enjoy the look below and have a blissful week. 
Love, Willie 💕

Tuxedo vest and Pants  : H&M
Handbag :Ralph Lauren 
Leopard shoe:Aldo Shoes
Wood watch: Jord Watches


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