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Yayyy Me!!

Happy Friday lovers. It's officially my last work day for the week. I'm really excited for what God has done and continue to do in my life.  I had the most stressful semester ever. Aside my actual work load, the financial stress almost drained me. Did I even say almost? It ACTUALLY did but in all, I survived. Has it not been the Lord on my side, I wouldn't be here honestly. Through it all, I've learned that Life is not about getting what you want before you can be happy, it's about appreciating what you already have & make the best out of it. I finally graduated, yayyy me!!!  I didn't walk, I  had doubt that I  wouldn't  be able to pay off my tuition before the time so I checked the form not to attend the ceremony then God came through for me. I honestly don't care much about crossing the stage, my main concern was the degree with honors and that happen.  Will share it later on my Instagram because I worked hard for it.  My little message for you

Meet 'n' Greet !!!

It's always nice to meet new people. I barely step out other than church or events I'm invited to. I got an invitation from  my fellow bloggers here in Columbus for a meet and greet.  We had the chance to attend the preview of Kendra Scott's Fall Collection. They have some gorgeous pieces guys, check your local mall. I'm just excited that I got chance to meet new people, different backgrounds and different nationalities. Diversity  indeed brings out the uniqueness of all of us. Well stay beautiful and enjoy the look, I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well Love, Willie 💞 Details|| Lace coset top and Blazer:   Asos Fringe lace-up shoe:   Justfab Handbag:  Kate Spade Earring:  H&M

Lady In Red!!!

 Today I just want to take few steps back. I read this post on twitter  "A new beginning is not an elevator ride. And it's not an escalator ride. It's a walk of faith, one step at a time." Honestly it hasn't been easy these part years being on my own. At one point it was all about the money,  I wanted to just forget about the most important thing in this life and just hunt for money.  Then I asked myself, what's  the point in getting multiple jobs to live a certain lifestyle when I can just do one and be comfortable and afford the things I want in life. All I'm saying is, life is not a race and it's all about timing. When you set your mind on something and you stick to it, no matter how long it takes, you will get there. I'm not where I want to be in life yet but I'm working on it, it's a process not a race. I hope your week was great. Enjoy the look and have a wonderful weekend.  Love, Willie 💞 Details|| Lac

Showing Skin

Happy New Week Fashionistas. This is week has been by far AMAZING. I just wanted to share with words of wisdom with my readers, just something personal about my looks. Showing skin has nothing to do with Confidence, let's get it right once and for all. Self confidence is all in the mind.  How you feel in the inside, shows on the outside. Don't get me wrong I show skin a lot, not like go naked but you know thighs and legs, little bit of cleavage here and there but it's occasional.   As a lady you need know to what to wear to what place. Every venue requires a look. Personally I won't wear a certain outfit, not because I've low self confidence, I'm just not comfortable enough to share that part of me to the world.      Also know what looks works for you, the fact that everybody is rocking does not mean you have to rock it too. It may not even look right on you. Especially hair style, I switched between my regular Mo