Lady In Red!!!

 Today I just want to take few steps back. I read this post on twitter  "A new beginning is not an elevator ride. And it's not an escalator ride. It's a walk of faith, one step at a time." Honestly it hasn't been easy these part years being on my own. At one point it was all about the money,  I wanted to just forget about the most important thing in this life and just hunt for money. 
Then I asked myself, what's  the point in getting multiple jobs to live a certain lifestyle when I can just do one and be comfortable and afford the things I want in life. All I'm saying is, life is not a race and it's all about timing. When you set your mind on something and you stick to it, no matter how long it takes, you will get there. I'm not where I want to be in life yet but I'm working on it, it's a process not a race. I hope your week was great. Enjoy the look and have a wonderful weekend. 
Love, Willie 💞

Lace dress: Express
Leopard shoe :Aldo Shoes
Brown mini bag: Urban Expressions
Sunglasses : Rayban


  1. Yes. Amen to that! We all have our own destinies and surely God time is the best. Thanks for the inspiration. You look hot in red boo. I love this look .❤❤


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