Showing Skin

Happy New Week Fashionistas. This is week has been by far AMAZING. I just wanted to share with words of wisdom with my readers, just something personal about my looks. Showing skin has nothing to do with Confidence, let's get it right once and for all. Self confidence is all in the mind. 

How you feel in the inside, shows on the outside. Don't get me wrong I show skin a lot, not like go naked but you know thighs and legs, little bit of cleavage here and there but it's occasional.  
As a lady you need know to what to wear to what place. Every venue requires a look. Personally I won't wear a certain outfit, not because I've low self confidence, I'm just not comfortable enough to share that part of me to the world.  

 Also know what looks works for you, the fact that everybody is rocking does not mean you have to rock it too. It may not even look right on you. Especially hair style, I switched between my regular Mohawk haircut to bob weave, neck length. I wear long weave sometimes when it cold but 80% of the time my hair is short. I rock short hair a lot because it brings out this edgy look of me and it fits me perfectly. This spring/summer, before you make any purchase of clothing, ask yourself , Is this really Me or I'm just trying to fit into someone's image? Think about this and while you do that, enjoy the look below. 
Love, Willie 💕

Top and Skirt:Rainbowshops
Bow tie heels:GoJane
Handbag:Kate Spade


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