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Girls Talk ~Knowing Your Body & Being Able To Recognize Any Changes

Hey lovers, I'm back here again. I hope you guys had an amazing week.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, today we will be focusing on our bodies and sharing few tips. We have to break the norm and shyness as ladies so let's go straight to it.  Vaginal douching Besides making you feel fresher, many say they douche to get rid of unpleasant odors, wash away menstrual blood after their period also to prevent  sexually transmitted diseases.  Let's get this straight once and for all, Douching DOES NOT prevent STD/STI . I love to feel fresh but I do not use American products. I don't douche everyday by the way, I do it only after my period. I use "nel mio intimo c'e Chilly" . It's a very popular Italian feminine wash. I believe you can get one on eBay though shipping may be high.  I strongly believe that as a lady you must know your body and what works for you. Understand the changes that occur during and after ovulation. It's very normal to

How I Dealt With It!!!

Happy Sunday lovers, I hope you guys are doing great. Today is all about the female body. Yeah I know it's awkward. It's very awkward when talking about our bodies and issues that comes with it. If you have no issues, great but unfortunately some of us have been battling with awkwardness and pains for years. I will be discussing few tips and medical advise as well. I'm not a doctor so feel free to ask your doctor or OBGYN for more information.   Menstrual cramps For years have been battling with menstrual cramps, if it was just the cramps it wouldn't hurt that much but I get diarrhea along with it. I went on a personal visit one time and I basically slept in the shower. I stayed in the bathroom the whole night. I was really ashamed because it occurred around someone whom knew I had issues but I didn't ever want him to see me like that. I will normally sleep in a hot bathtub, to ease the pains from the cramp. Fortunately for me I'm regular on my circle s