How I Dealt With It!!!

Happy Sunday lovers, I hope you guys are doing great. Today is all about the female body. Yeah I know it's awkward. It's very awkward when talking about our bodies and issues that comes with it. If you have no issues, great but unfortunately some of us have been battling with awkwardness and pains for years. I will be discussing few tips and medical advise as well. I'm not a doctor so feel free to ask your doctor or OBGYN for more information.

 Menstrual cramps
For years have been battling with menstrual cramps, if it was just the cramps it wouldn't hurt that much but I get diarrhea along with it. I went on a personal visit one time and I basically slept in the shower. I stayed in the bathroom the whole night. I was really ashamed because it occurred around someone whom knew I had issues but I didn't ever want him to see me like that. I will normally sleep in a hot bathtub, to ease the pains from the cramp.

Fortunately for me I'm regular on my circle so I know the exact date of my period. I took anti-diarrhea drugs and few other pain killers it didn't help.  My doctor back in Italy  apparently said it's normal. I seek for medical help here in the U.S.  too, same answer. But they recommended Depo-Provera, which honestly helped, my cycle did not change,  no painful cramps just diarrhea. I was on it for 1 year straight. I got off it to see if the my body will adjust for the 4 shots during the past year because I was gaining unnecessary weight and it went back to square one.

 I was just tired of going in every time for shots so my OBGYN suggested Nexplanon ( the birth control insertion on the arm), my body rejected and I went through prolong bleeding for 3 months. She even put me on a pill to regulate the bleeding but still wasn't working. That's one of the side effect of the drug. I couldn't see myself wearing tampons for at least 6 months so I had it removed and went back to Depo-Provera for the rest of the year.

 Bare in mind, I took Midol but I get heartburn from it. Until someone introduce me to Tylenol 500mg extra strength. It was like magic in my system. It works for me, I use the restroom here and there but it stopped the pains.  If you are on birth control for menstrual cramps issues, I will recommend the Tylenol 500mg dose for you but you can still ask your doctor about it first.  My next post will be about sexual and feminine help so stay tune . Enjoy the look below and stay warm !!! 
Love, Willie 💕

Bamboo Bag: Cult Gaia
Floral Two piece set :Sag Harbor
Black Strap heel:Asos
Sunglasses:Steve Madden


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