Modest Is The New Classy!!!

Happy Sunday Lovers, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving. To my subscribers outside the US, I hope your weekend was amazing as well. I know I haven’t been consistent with my blog post recently. I’m still trying to make my YouTube functional and  I have been a bit stress  with my own personal affairs but I’m better. There is not much you can do under stressful situation. 
Sometimes I think too much than the average person and I know  it’s not good thing but when you live alone, you tend to do that a lot when you are home.

A friend of mine spoke to me about something and made a strong statement which got me to re-evaluate my current situation. I just wanted to share with you guys and I quote “if you believe that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel then you are living  in fantasy. You need to understand that there’s a possibility of still facing darker cloud”. That really got me to rethink about a lot of things. I’m sure many of us are going through many  situations and cannot exit freely because of the idea that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I’ve come to realize that happiness isn’t getting what we want but being satisfied with what we have. 
The way to be happy is to be grateful even with the simple blessings we have, I have life, a full time job and good health, that’s really something to smile for. 
Some lessons are best learned through pain. Sometimes our visions become clear only after our eyes are washed with tears. Sometimes we have to be broken so we can be whole again. 
If God meant the day to be perfect, He wouldn’t have invented tomorrow. We often stand at a life’s crossroads and view what we think is the end but God has much bigger vision and He tells us, “Relax, it is just a bend not the end.” I hope my words can speak through you and help you to rethink about the most difficult issues in your life. Don’t forget to pray and ask for special strength from the most high. Until next time, stay warm and continue to look fabulous!!!!
Love, Willie 💞

Ivory Fold-Over Sweater
High waist Midi Skirt: THRIFTY  
Glitter Heels:Shoedazzle
Velvet bagShein


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