Let’s Talk Season!!!

Happy New Month lovers, I’m beyond excited that I got to meet December again. It’s the last month of the year y’all so let’s have a little chat. We all have been going through many issues and obstacles throughout the year, which have brought a lot of doubts in our minds and we can’t seem to find the right time to discuss it. Well the time has come, Issa “let’s talk “ season. Do not carry any hurtful feelings, doubts and negativity into the next year, you gotta deal with it at all cause even if there’s going to be down time in your relationship with whoever, friends, family, or significant other. Yes it’s time to confront your demons, you are not only solving a part of puzzle but it’s also a form of self therapy. Today is December 1st so you have up to the 31st to do yourself that nice favor. Let me know how it goes. Until next time, stay warm and remain FABULOUS!!!
Love, Willie💞

Bow tie Split Sleeves Sweater: http://bit.ly/2BxyCBE
Black Pants: H&M
Lace Ankle Bootie: ZARA
Handbag: Gojane
Aviator Sunglasses: Aldo


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