“‘‘Tis The Season To Give"

Happy Holidays Lovers, I hope you guys are all doing well and in smiley mood. The year is coming to an end, can you believe how fast the months were just passing like wind? We are all grateful for so many things especially LIFE and good Health. I accomplished some of my goals this year, graduating with Honors, getting my own blog domain and starting a YouTube channel. I hope you have already subscribed to the channel, if you haven’t please do. I will be sharing all the recipes from “itswillieskitchen” on there. Honestly this year brought me on my knees, it was an emotional year for me. I cried almost every single day, just feeling hurt, disappointed, confused and above all AMAZED by the goodness of the most high. Maybe I went through all that to rekindle my relationship with God. He made it happen for me many times when I was in so much doubt.
Lesson Learnt In 2017
People will hate you for being yourself, for working hard, when pushing through all what you put your mind into  but in all love regardless. 
You don’t have to address everything people say about you, it’s all about how you feel about your own self. 
Not everyone smiling at your face has your best interest at heart especially the people you may call friends. I gained my close friend back and lost a fake friend so it’s a win situation lol. 
All I can tell you guys is to BE CAREFUL, there is pure hatred out there, it’s just sickening to see the people whom you thought to encourage you to be the ones, saying untrue and negative stuff to people to feel good about themselves. 
I don’t know their gain but I guess they getting something big.
Anyway, it's the season to give guys, the two set outfit below is a perfect gift for your girl/lady friend. It's stretchy for all body size and very COMFORTABLE. Guess what though? It's only $33, you can pair up with knee high boot, ankle boot like I styled mine, loafers or heels. It's perfect for every occasion. Click on the link under the details and get yours now!!!
 I wish you all the best holidays and may the upcoming year bring you hope, joy, happiness, grace, prosperity  and extraordinary strength to surpass every obstacle that may come your way. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
Love, Willie💕

Gray Cord-Set :http://bit.ly/2ByfsMh
Velvet Ankle Bootie:Shoedazzle
Black Trench:Ralph Lauren


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