Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year Lovers!!
This is my first post this year. Last year was great even though it was a bit rough, God was beyond faithful. He made everything possible for me and I strongly believe you can say the same. I believe He will reveal himself in a very special way this year as well. 
I have so much to share with you guys on here  and my other social media platforms. I just have a little advise for you all, free yourself from every guilt, doubts and pain from the past. Let this be our new year's resolution. 

  I understand some lessons are best learned through pain but it's a new year and it's time to let go.  I've come to realize that tears can cure the things laughter can't help, feel free to cry. Sometimes our visions become  clearer  after our eyes are washed with tears. so it's totally acceptable. 

Make every possible change, and leave the rest to God. Don't let anything from your past hold you back, be ready to take fewer risks and set high goals for yourself. Leave no room for doubts,  because when you doubt yourself, you are only setting yourself up for failure.  Assume success in everything you do and you shall WIN. Always remember that, if God meant today to be perfect, He wouldn’t have invented tomorrow.

Let's get out there and make the best out of this year. New year equals new opportunities and of course new styling tips. 
I partnered with SHEIN to show you ways to style your black outfits this winter. All items are on sale so take advantage of it.

Click on  the link provided underneath each post to shop. The remaining photos will be featured on my Instagram page : @stylebywillie

Hashtag #stylebywillie so I can see how you style yours and a chance to be featured on my Facebook/ Instagram page. 
Enjoy your day and stay warm!!! 
Love, Willie 💕
Fringe top


Black ruffle top

 Gray/black oversize 

Fur Patch Sweater



  1. So gorgeous babe! I love all your picks! Can't wait to see the rest of the looks!

  2. Happy new year 2019 for all. We always try to better happy new year Images, Quotes, SMS and many more new year images 2019 .


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