Balling On A Budget!!

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers!!!
I hope your day is looking fabulous as imagined. Today is all about love, pretty exciting to see Lovers get even more intimate. Everyday is Valentine's day but today my darling is very special. 
I know us ladies always ready to receive but this year, return that favor. I did for the first time and I'm really proud of myself. I talked my best friend into doing that too lol. 
Alright let's talk about today's agenda. "Balling on a budget"
 We tend to spend crazily on trendy stuff instead of budgeting wisely. You need to set your priorities straight. Make sure your needs are met before the wants. 
Finding yourself and style is very important. It helps you to spend wisely. The fact that everyone is wearing it does not mean you should too. Spending money on something you are even comfortable in wearing is a complete waste of money. 
Learn to live within your means, and don't believe the social media hype. 
You don't have to follow any trend, fashion evolves. Be sure to take advantage of sales. That's like my FAVORITE thing to do now. Do not limit yourself and fall for brands, I'm sure by now, you've noticed other stores make duplicates. 
Now let's talk about THRIFTY!!!

That's my new found love, you can find high quality wear for less than $20, you will be amazed by how much you spent for   all the stuff you are walking out with.  
It's not all about  brands, it's all about putting the simplest things together and looking bomb. 
 Shop at outlets if you drive or live close to any,  believe me, you will save a lot.

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