A Letter to Self on Women's Day!!

   To start off with, I am so proud of you Willie. You've come a long way and I know Life hasn’t been too easy on you. It's all part of the process to prepare your or a better future.But despite it all, you have managed to keep your head up and continue fighting throughout.
Be proud of everything you have gone through, and mostly, what you’ve become.
Stop being so hard on yourself. Everything will make sense to you one day. All the pain, hurt, and frustration will become worth it. Remember, everything happens for a particular reason. You are in the exact place you are meant to be right now. So breathe, be patient, and trust the course of your life. Let go of all the expectations you have created in your head. Accept reality as it comes. Accept life for what it is.
It's your birthday week, just reminisce about the how far you've come and dream even bigger. 
Happy International Women's Day🌻

Track Pants: http://bit.ly/2osv0fi
White bodysuit: Forever21
Blazer, strap heels & earring: ASOS


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