Relationship Goals!!!

Happy New Month Lovers, I hope you guys are excited as I am . We are about enter into Spring and my birthday is just around the corner🎂.
Today's topic is about relationship goals.
What does it even mean to you in the first place? I'm sure you've seen people admiring other couples and stating "Yessss that's relationship goals".
Well here is what I have to say, there is absolutely nothing like relationship goals and I won't never compare my relationship with others. Neither would I ever wish other people lifestyle for myself because I have no clue of what goes on behind close those. Reason is every relationship is different, people connect in different ways. The core value in a relationship to be happy with the person you are with. Do not allow social media fool you, some of these posts are just to flaunt, others find it necessary to prove to the world they are happy. There is nothing like a perfect relationship and I'm not saying you shouldn't celebrate your man or woman. But I personally don't need to prove to anyone that I'm in a happy relationship. When you put your business out there, it's now public knowledge and you have no control over it. You are also inviting people into your private business somehow.
Relationships don't always work but we have to remain positive. The grass isn't greener on the other side you know. Some of us have been single for longest time of our life because we don't have a forgiven heart and we tend to seek advise from friends when things go south in our relationships. It's time to stop all that, communicate more often with your partner and listen to your inner self. People will sometimes push you to leave but will stay if they were in your shoes. I'm not saying you should stay in an abusive relationship, Nah. But you get what I'm saying though right? Love yourself FIRST!!!
Alright now let's shift the focus to business☺️☺️. I partnered with Shein to bring you this gorgeous spring look.
Love the details on the sweater and very easy to style it. I went with a casual look just paired with black fade distress jeans and black heel along with my favorite Fringe purse.
Tap the link and get yours and don't forget to tag me on Instagram and Facebook @stylebywillie so I can see yours.
Have a wonderful weekend Lovers!!!
Love, Willie 💞

Fur detailed sweater:
Distress jeans & shades :Rainbowshops
Heels and Fringe purse: Steve Madden


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