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Isolation Season!!!

Hello Lovers,  It’s been a while but I’m here now. I hope you guys are doing amazingly well because I am aside school kicking my behind. Today I just wanted share because many have been asking why I don’t communicate like I use to. Others feel like I may have issues with them. The answer is NO, there is nothing wrong with me and I’M NOT PISSED at anyone at least. Last year was kind of a roller coaster ride for me so I promised myself to make more room for chance. Cut out all the negativity and focus on me and what’s important for my personal life. I am sure you might have heard how negativity is a bad thing when it comes to having the right mindset for success. It’s true. The negativity can keep you stuck, hold you back from obtaining certain goals you have set for yourself. It honestly drives away the motivation, it’s hard to feel motivated about anything when your head is full of negative messages and gossips, you must isolate yourself from negativity. I knew I needed to

How To Revamp Your Closet - Part 2

Hello Lovers,  It's been a while, I hope you guys are doing great great as always.  If your wardrobe needs a makeover, you've come to the right place.  Here's few tips to help you refine your personal style and upgrade your wardrobe. * Set a goal and a budget.   The thing with me is , if I swiping my card will make my facial expression change from good to bad, Issa No!!!. You got to live with your means * Collect some inspiration .  For me Pinterest and Instagram is my go to. Good deals and all,  use blogger discounts to cut down your spending  * Try out session begins .  Now that you've find the inspiration, put the pieces today. It's early Spring so your best piece should be comfortable. * Define your style .  Personally I like simple styling. I don't really do anything crazy just I work with what u have. My goal as a blogger is to assist you put little pieces together to create a very stylish look. Distress jeans, tees, tanks,blazers and dr