How To Revamp Your Closet - Part 2

Hello Lovers, 
It's been a while, I hope you guys are doing great great as always. 
If your wardrobe needs a makeover, you've come to the right place. 
Here's few tips to help you refine your personal style and upgrade your wardrobe.

* Set a goal and a budget. 
The thing with me is , if I swiping my card will make my facial expression change from good to bad, Issa No!!!. You got to live with your means
* Collect some inspiration
For me Pinterest and Instagram is my go to. Good deals and all,  use blogger discounts to cut down your spending 
* Try out session begins.
 Now that you've find the inspiration, put the pieces today. It's early Spring so your best piece should be comfortable.
* Define your style
Personally I like simple styling. I don't really do anything crazy just I work with what u have. My goal as a blogger is to assist you put little pieces together to create a very stylish look. Distress jeans, tees, tanks,blazers and dresses works for me. 
 Here is a simple look I created right from my closet with old piece: A deep v-neck , a blazer and distress jeans. Paired with  Christian Siriano shoe from Payless and a purse from Forever21.

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