Isolation Season!!!

Hello Lovers, 
It’s been a while but I’m here now. I hope you guys are doing amazingly well because I am aside school kicking my behind. Today I just wanted share because many have been asking why I don’t communicate like I use to. Others feel like I may have issues with them. The answer is NO, there is nothing wrong with me and I’M NOT PISSED at anyone at least. Last year was kind of a roller coaster ride for me so I promised myself to make more room for chance. Cut out all the negativity and focus on me and what’s important for my personal life.
I am sure you might have heard how negativity is a bad thing when it comes to having the right mindset for success. It’s true. The negativity can keep you stuck, hold you back from obtaining certain goals you have set for yourself.
It honestly drives away the motivation, it’s hard to feel motivated about anything when your head is full of negative messages and gossips, you must isolate yourself from negativity.
I knew I needed to make this change for myself, I’m aging and some of the old habits had to go. I cannot entertain people who seek for my downfall, wishing the worse to happen, less supportive and continuously stabbing me in the back then smile in my face.  I refuse to allow such negativity destroy my motivation and confidence. I have worked really to be where I am today. I just didn’t get here, it took time, hard work and hell of financial breakthrough to get here. 

So yes, I had to cut some people off not that they have offended me in anyway and even if so, I am not holding on to it. I’m quick to let go and many people took advantage of that. But yeah not anymore, you can only hurt me only when get close. I don’t have to feel disappointed to certain individuals response when in need anymore because I am doing ME. 
Trust me, you need you own isolation season than you ever thought.It promotes inner peace, pure happiness and it helps you to remain focus. You may realize there are so many things going wrong in your life, you’ve prayed and asked God to deliver you, you get through one phase and you find yourself back in the same mess!!!😞 

I’m sure many of your friends probably have their lives already mapped out right through their retirement years, some are very fortunate and you must work your way to the top. It’s cool but don’t let anything hold you back from getting where you want to be in life. 
At times, friends may play it safe and so they want you to do the same. Some won’t support you as they admire your work and wish they can do the same but they feel like supporting you, will grant them half crown. I have had my own share of disappointment and witnessed many trying hard to compete like we are on some race. No sis, you run this race alone…👎
 A time will come, when same people will constantly grip about stuff and comparing themselves and you to success stories.
Just wait and see, until next time lovers. Do Not Forget To Put You First, You Matter the MOST!!!
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Love, Willie💖

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