Happy Friday Lovers, I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer. I was really ready for summer,  until my insecurities kicked in.  Do you ever feel like you are uncomfortable in your own body even when everybody around you say you are looking bomb 💣? 
Unfortunately, insecurity is a natural part of the human experience. I think I'm a relatively confident person, but I still feel insecure A LOT. One of the costs of being alive is the fact that, no matter who you are, you can expect to deal with insecurity of some kind on a daily basis. It may be something small like your toes or nose.  
Regardless of what makes you feel insecure, knowing what to tell yourself when you're feeling this way can help you keep excess negativity out of you. 

For sometime now, I will just look at myself in the mirror and all I think about is fat. I have basically tried every trick out there from apple cider vinegar to waist trainer. I STILL DIDN'T SEE ANY CHANGE.  
There are some part of my body I really DISLIKE. Like nobody can ever change my mind about that but thank God for off-shoulder fits, it takes away some of the insecurities... I don't know how you feel about yourself but I'm sure there is something you dislike but guess what, there is always a WAY out.

 There is something simple like clothing to make you feel all BETTER. 
Today I took charge and I'm not wearing off-shoulder to hide those big arms, I'm embracing it with style. 
Click the link below to shop this gorgeous  two-piece stripes!! 

 Love, Willie ❤❤❤


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