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A Day at Rockside Winery and Vineyard!!

Happy Wednesday Lovers. I hope you guys are doing great. Today is all about things to do in Ohio, yes fun stuff. I have been wanting to visit a winery for so long. I mean I drink wine but it's more fulfilling to actually witness the whole process. Almost everything we purchase at stores are FDA approved but don't you want to see how things are done for hygiene purchase.  I had the privilege to visit Rockside Winery and Vineyard in Lancaster Ohio with few friends. We loved it, very polite individuals at the facility and we met manager who happens to be the son of the CEO, he gave us a tour and break down the entire process to all the guest. Let me tell you more about the Winery, and what I liked.  Rockside Winery is located in Lancaster Ohio like I mentioned earlier, that is 45 minutes from of Columbus. According to Ryan Coolidge (general manager), the first vines were planted in 2007 on a beautiful 17 acre land. Four years later in 2011 the winery and ta

Speak Your MIND!!!

Happy July 4th guys. I hope we all have plans to gain extra lbs today by the grill. It's the best time of the year aside Thanksgiving and Christmas. We eat and forget our problems till the next day hehe.  Anyway I just wanted us to communicate a little before we step out today.  Have y'all realize that the deepest thoughts and conversations we normally want to speak to certain important people in our live are somewhat discussed with ourselves?  Like you talk yourself first about it, how to delivery your thoughts or feelings about certain situations. You basically plan and set a date to discuss it and all. The day approaches and your inner self keep telling you, IT A'INT THE RIGHT Time and you basically think about another right?  I know I'm not alone in this and you are actually going through the same mess.  Ignoring your feelings because of timing and holding back your thoughts.  There is a saying that "the ability to honestly and quietly