A Day at Rockside Winery and Vineyard!!

Happy Wednesday Lovers. I hope you guys are doing great. Today is all about things to do in Ohio, yes fun stuff. I have been wanting to visit a winery for so long. I mean I drink wine but it's more fulfilling to actually witness the whole process. Almost everything we purchase at stores are FDA approved but don't you want to see how things are done for hygiene purchase. 
I had the privilege to visit Rockside Winery and Vineyard in Lancaster Ohio with few friends. We loved it, very polite individuals at the facility and we met manager who happens to be the son of the CEO, he gave us a tour and break down the entire process to all the guest.
Let me tell you more about the Winery, and what I liked. 

Rockside Winery is located in Lancaster Ohio like I mentioned earlier, that is 45 minutes from of Columbus. According to Ryan Coolidge (general manager), the first vines were planted in 2007 on a beautiful 17 acre land. Four years later in 2011 the winery and tasting room were built and the new winery initiated. 

His parents Robin and Valerie Coolidge,  who are the owners, purchased winery and vineyards back in October 2014. They also owned Wyandotte Winery in Columbus for many years. Wyandotte, one of the oldest wineries in Ohio, it's land locked, and has no space for vineyards so Rockside was the perfect way for the family to branch out and expand their winery business. Ryan joined the family run business as the General Manager and Assistant Winemaker at Rockside after he finished his degree. 
Types of Wine they make and WHY

They make varieties of wine.  Vidal Blanc, Chambourcin, Niagara,Corot  Noir, among others, were chosen because of their ability to thrive in a climate that can be challenging to growing vines. 
I personally had the taste of the Niagara , it's sweet and have this beautiful settle when you drink it. My friend's had white wine . 

The place is just beautiful, quite and NEAT!!!
Yes neat, nobody want to drink from a dirty glass right? I must say I love the neatness of the place. Hygiene is a key when serving people and Rockside Winery got that on level 💯.
Secondly the employees are friendly  and I really appreciate the fact that they took time to attend to us even though they had customers around and hosting event at the same time. Great job guys 👍🏾 

If you ever need a perfect wine for your everyday satisfaction or event, contact Rockside Winery, and trust me they won't disappoint. 
Tap the link below to visit their site and check out upcoming events and what they are about. 

Sitting on a bench at the backyard enjoying the breeze

When the wine kicks in ... hehehehe


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