There Is Enough Bread For Everyone!!!

Happy Sunday Loves. I hope we are ready for Fall πŸπŸ‚. I am ready... Anyway I just wanted to jump in here and talk to you guys a little bit. I get emails from people seeking advise on blogging, so I decided to share with y'all. Understand that you are not the only one with big dreams , ideas and aspirations in this life. I always say this, sometimes our path in life will make things appear like competition but it really ain't. Life just hit some of us randomly when you realized  "Oh this ain't what I want". There is enough bread for everyone but how our aspirations develop depend on many things, like family, economics, and social demographics. Our aspirations will vary. We could have aspirations for:
A career climb
Entrepreneurial success etc. 

Each aspiration results in certain actions and attitudes. If we achieve an aspiration, there is always a danger of becoming too self-centered or pompous in our outlook and interactions. The aspiration isn’t wrong. What we do with a realized aspiration could be wrong.
In a similar fashion, attitudes can develop when we don’t realize our aspirations in a timely way. In these cases, we become disgruntled, grumpy, or even try to hold others back.
Maintaining positive, humble attitudes is a must, so we need to protect our good attitudes no matter what happens to our aspirations. Supporting others does not unbranded you but it shows that you can work with others.
We may have similar aspirations in life but on different paths. What works for you can break me apart. 
I started blogging just about food via Facebook, I mean all friends knew I cab cook but I just wanted to help others outside my circle. What's the point in handing out fish when I can teach you fishing. That was just the idea, honestly the support was low , only a few people help promote it. Then I branch into fashion blogging just to show how to look stylish and not spend too much, Same thing happened. 
I don't know who is reading this, but if you have plans on starting a business or anything, understand that the SUPPORT won't be coming from your inner circles. It will break your heart but it also a realization that you can be bigger than what you even imagined. Grow a thick skin for criticism sister/brother. It will come like crazy, they are not hating , they wish they can do the same but the courage to pull through is what's causing the negative feedbacks. 
Until next time , enjoy the look and stay warm . Entire outfit under $100, yeah your girl is all about budgeting and spending less honey .

Fringe Pants -SHEIN
Velvet Bodysuit -Forever21
Gold Clutch -Amazon
Gold sandal heels- GoJane

Love, WillieπŸ’•πŸ’‹


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