Support System!!

Part of life is experiencing ups and downs. We want people who understand us and can be depended upon during tough times. We need people who will listen to us and give us honest feedback. Personally, I do not expect people to do things for but I'm loved by many with genuine support. Giving and receiving support from others is a basic human need but you have come to the realization that you may have to push yourself to certain limit to receive the help you need. 
The goal of social support is to decrease stress. If you are looking to decrease stress by developing a support network, start with people who are already in your life. You may want to make a list and determine who is healthy and positive and who is not. This week was an eye opening for me. The support from my inner circle and some the important individuals in my life amazed me and I was completely blown away. 
Life is not about about being in a huge crowd. What's the point if there is not genuine support? You may want to limit contact with the negative people in your life. Negative people can drain your energy and bring you down. Watch for these types of people who may be negative: blamer, liars, envious,  and those who put you down. Your time and energy need to be invested on those who make you feel good about yourself. 
Last weekend was a perfect experience of support. When people make time for you, reciprocate the favor. I'm really appreciative individual who made it to the "Sip and Slay" and to those who respectfully reached out to let me know they couldn't make it due unforeseen circumstances, you guys are the best. Hopefully we can take this little event to the next level...
Love , Willie 💞

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