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Timing Is Everything!!

Happy Sunday Loves,  I hope you guys are doing great. Back again with another look of my favorite color.  Black represents many emotions.  I just wanted to share my thought with y'all.  As much as I love to share my outfits with world, I find blogging to be therapeutic. I get the chance to voice out about certain things, share my thought and whatever is bothering my mind. I have come to terms with disappointments, it will happen as time goes and it always going to the individuals you have always kept close. I am at the point in life, I can't just allow certain people in . Friends will become acquaintance, it's very normal and I won't  waste my precious  time to entertain people I don't vibe with.  When you become your own best-friend,  you will understand the real definition of peace. I will still be open-minded, not to shut everyone down before I get to know them. Neither will I judge a book by its cover just because what I've heard or what have been

Avoid Negativity !!

Happy New Year Loves. I just want to use this opportunity to thank you for sticking with me and supporting SBW. I'm looking forward to more engagement this year as well.  We have been given another full year with so many opportunities to make things right, take charge and make things happen. This will not be easy and no one said it would be. As you run the race of life, it's very obvious you will meet an obstacle. Obstacles come to test your strength and to improve your skill. You can overcome them all if you have the will. It may be difficult, that's alright but push forward. We all know people who brighten up the room when they walk in. We also know plenty of people who brighten the room when they walk out of it. Negative people can sometimes make even the most positive people think negative thoughts.  Avoid this at all cost. This is not the year for unnecessary friendships. A lot of the Negativity that comes out of a person’s mouth is a direct result of their thoug