Avoid Negativity !!

Happy New Year Loves. I just want to use this opportunity to thank you for sticking with me and supporting SBW. I'm looking forward to more engagement this year as well.  We have been given another full year with so many opportunities to make things right, take charge and make things happen. This will not be easy and no one said it would be. As you run the race of life, it's very obvious you will meet an obstacle. Obstacles come to test your strength and to improve your skill. You can overcome them all if you have the will. It may be difficult, that's alright but push forward. We all know people who brighten up the room when they walk in. We also know plenty of people who brighten the room when they walk out of it. Negative people can sometimes make even the most positive people think negative thoughts. 
Avoid this at all cost. This is not the year for unnecessary friendships. A lot of the Negativity that comes out of a person’s mouth is a direct result of their thoughts. If you’re constantly thinking negatively about someone or a situation, then the first words from your mouth will be negative. Instead, take action to change those negative thoughts instead of letting them simmer in your mind. 
You cannot have everyone in your circle, old friends may likely become acquaintance, it's very normal. In order to change your language, they gotta go. 
We have been given the free will to make decisions for ourselves concerning our own life. With God's  grace and you can take charge of that. There is always something good that comes out of a bad situation so DO NOT let few setbacks throw you off your game. 

 If you aren’t happy, then you will naturally think negatively. Instead, do things that you like to do. Do whatever it is that takes you to your happy place. You will be able to reduce the negative energy that you have and get some positive thinking going through your mind.
It's a brand New Year and my message to you is to take charge . Do not allow anything or anyone interfere in your grace period this year. It is Time to make a Move, don't wait any more TIME. 
Let's get IT !!!
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Bags:Urban Expression

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I hope you love how I styled my outerwear. I like to keep it very simple and Neat.
Have a bless week and stay warm ..


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