Timing Is Everything!!

Happy Sunday Loves,
 I hope you guys are doing great. Back again with another look of my favorite color.  Black represents many emotions.  I just wanted to share my thought with y'all.  As much as I love to share my outfits with world, I find blogging to be therapeutic. I get the chance to voice out about certain things, share my thought and whatever is bothering my mind.
I have come to terms with disappointments, it will happen as time goes and it always going to the individuals you have always kept close. I am at the point in life, I can't just allow certain people in . Friends will become acquaintance, it's very normal and I won't  waste my precious  time to entertain people I don't vibe with.  When you become your own best-friend,  you will understand the real definition of peace.
I will still be open-minded, not to shut everyone down before I get to know them. Neither will I judge a book by its cover just because what I've heard or what have been said about them. We live in a society where people just make friends base on animosity towards another, if the foundation of your relationship with someone is based on gossip or animosity towards an old friend of acquaintance then it won't  hold.  Personally I believe  you need to check everyone out and see who they truly are, because the odds are that they are also just pretending to be someone they're not and there's someone else inside. Who knows, you just might find you have things in common with people you never even dreamed of . There is a season in everyone's life, where you need to exit the circle you are in to do your own thing. You must EXIT regardless of the criticism in order to Grow. 
 We all have different issues and demons we have to deal it. 
Everyone is different, the only problem is, people are so image-concerned that they pretend to be something they're not. It shouldn't be that way. People should be individuals, with their own thoughts and emotions, and they shouldn't fake it to just give people a different impression of themselves. You know better, I assume, or else you wouldn't be reading this. 
I believe this is my season and I won't let anything get in my way or blessings. When you set your mind on making a change or impact, people will criticize, people will doubt your strength  and even the ones you assume will support you, will be the ones to put doubts in your mind. 
 But it's better to at least try and if nothing comes from it, you know that at least you tried. I know my request to God  could be delayed, but it doesn't mean it won't happen. If it does not happen this year, next year by his grace, it will be another Option and new beginning. I don't know about your situation but just trust God. 

Fun FACT||
 This a jumpsuit has cape  as seen on the model below but I pull the shoulders in front and added belt to get a peplum look. 😉

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Look #2

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Wishing you all a very beautiful and blissful Sunday.
Love, Willie🖤


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