Is Competition Good or Bad ?

The other day, reminiscing my life, mistakes, progress and new developments, COMPETITION came in mind. We normally make statements like, “I’m not in competition with anyone” but yet we constantly compare ourselves with others. Honestly, thinking about it, there is really nothing wrong with that in my opinion. It all boils down to what exactly you are comparing. We like to detect discrepancies between ourselves and others so that we can keep track of how we are doing in terms of achieving something or developing a particular skill. Not only that, we also compare ourselves with our ideal self, the person that we strike to become.


So, life is indeed about comparison, though as a human, we also need to learn how not to be competitive. Ironically, competition is also a threat to happiness. Being too competitive tends to reduce life satisfaction. We need to learn how to cherish what we have got.  If we constantly want more than others, we will never feel satisfied. True happiness lies on how we see the things we have now without caring what others have. I think this is one of the hardest things for us to do. Maybe when one ages and becomes mature, he/she will come to realize life can still be happy without comparing to others. It is from then we know what true happiness is. 

 This is not necessarily a bad thing. Think about what life would be like without competition, it would be pretty boring right? Without competition there would be no improvement.  Businesses wouldn’t have invested money into advertising their products and maybe perhaps there would have been limited quality product and services. Science would not advance as much. Your favorite restaurant might no longer provide high quality food. People may not have any motivation and become lazy.

The question is, when does competition become unhealthy?
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