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Blocking Negative Energy!!

H ello Loves, Happy New Year, I know I’m a little behind but I'm here HeHe...   I have been meaning to jump on here but tackling multiple stuff at the same time has become a huge struggle, but we shall pull through as always. I had an amazing time this past year and this year is looking great as by far. A lot has been on my mind recently and I wanted to jump on here share and hopefully inspire somebody out there feeling the same way, to buckle up for this ride. I love social media and sometimes I HATE it big time. For business aspect of my life, it has been a great help, the rest let's just say bothering to the highest level. Social Media makes it difficult to maintain serenity and positive energy. People are so negative and just want to infringe on other's happiness just because they are bitter and unhappy in their own live. Pry their nose when it doesn't belong. Others just want to hurt your feelings with hurtful comments.   Many pretend to ca