Blocking Negative Energy!!

Hello Loves,
Happy New Year, I know I’m a little behind but I'm here HeHe...  I have been meaning to jump on here but tackling multiple stuff at the same time has become a huge struggle, but we shall pull through as always. I had an amazing time this past year and this year is looking great as by far.
A lot has been on my mind recently and I wanted to jump on here share and hopefully inspire somebody out there feeling the same way, to buckle up for this ride. I love social media and sometimes I HATE it big time. For business aspect of my life, it has been a great help, the rest let's just say bothering to the highest level. Social Media makes it difficult to maintain serenity and positive energy.
People are so negative and just want to infringe on other's happiness just because they are bitter and unhappy in their own live. Pry their nose when it doesn't belong. Others just want to hurt your feelings with hurtful comments. 
Many pretend to care with their fake advise and gas you up like they are rooting for you but they AIN'T!!

When I look back, I see real growth. I am more patient than I have been in my life. I mean I'm still emotional as hell, well I'm a Pisces so what do you expect? šŸ¤·šŸ¾
But Yeah, I have been able to maintain my calmness for the longest. Sometimes people will make certain comments about you and your personal affairs and you get so angry. But you just want to keep it cute you know ☺️
Here are few tips I want to share with you regarding how to block negative energy.
Establish Boundaries
The first step you need to take in order to manage negative energy is to practice establishing boundaries. People with negative energy seek to feed off of those with positivity to make themselves feel better. It is important for you to establish boundaries with these people to protect your serenity.
Don’t React, DO NOT give in for their satisfaction, if possible don't even Respond!!
When a situation ignites something in you, make an effort to respond with mindfulness instead of just reacting. Most of our day involves our intake and response to people around us. If you learn to respond to negativity rather than to react, you can create space for the protection of your positive energy. Now if you need to respond, make sure you are responding in a way to shut whoever up once and for all. They can only read or listen to whatever you say but trust they cannot respond!

Ignore What People Think of You
Don't go crazy over something some pointless individual said about you even if it hurts. Sure, you may find yourself analyzing people’s reactions to the things you do even the way you dress. It may seem normal but to control that behavior you need you learn how to ignore the noise.
Face the fact, you cannot please people. Trust and believe, you CAN'T. Don't believe the hype, it's all a lie sweetie. They are just doing that in your face with "Yesses" but deep down, they wish they can run you over with no suspicions. 

Allow people to understand their own feelings about you. Those who don't like you will slowly distance themselves and leave your space for fruitful relationships.
 Lastly, don’t feed any rumors. People will come to you about what they know and have heard others say about you. Always remember that, for a conversation to be established, both parties must engage fully. Whoever is coming to is only telling you what was said but nothing about their reaction or input. Yep, it can't be a one-way street kind of conversation so maintain your peace at all cost.
Just because you are actively working on maintaining positivity, it does not mean that the negative energy will disappear completely. It is natural to feel low from time to time but in all KEEP IT VERY CLASSY!!
Wishing you guys a very Blissful week!!! 

Love šŸ’•
Wilhemina A.

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